Water Filtration

With over 34 years of experience in the water industry, Highland Mountain Water has the knowledge and expertise to examine a customer’s water needs and provide an effective and affordable solution. Whether you are a homeowner or Fortune 500 company, we have a water service to fill your needs.

We know that not everyone has the space – or desire – for a bottled water delivery service. Never fear – you can still have fresh, clean, and delicious water on tap, thanks to our water filtration services. Whether you want a Point of Use (POU) water filtration system or a bottle-less water filtration cooler, we have a solution to fit your needs.

If you decide you would like to have a water filtration system and water delivery service, we can accommodate water bundles as well!

Point of Use Water Filtration versus Water Coolers

Customers often ask the difference between a Point of Use water filtration system and a water cooler. For starters, POU water systems are devices whose purpose is to treat and purify drinking water in a home or office environment. They typically are attached to faucets or are installed beneath the sink. Some POU water filters are small enough to fit on countertops and take up little space.

Our bottle-less water coolers attach to your existing water line and come equipped with a high-tech UV treatment system that uses ultra violet light to kill biological contaminants and deactivate harmful viruses and bacteria that may exist in your water.

If you live in Georgia and are looking for a water filtration service or water cooler service for your home or office – or if you have questions about the services we offer – call us at 770-535-0002 or toll free 800-870-5577. You can also request more information through our Contact Us page.

UV Treatment

To guarantee the cleanest, freshest water, we offer bottle-less filtration coolers with UV treatment. The ultra violet (UV) light kills most biological contaminants and deactivates viruses and bacteria that could occur in the water while it is in the tank. Our UV treatment coolers are truly water filtration services at their best.


If you’re looking for an officewater filtration system, we have a POU cooler or bottless-cooler to suite your needs

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