Bottled Water

With our award-winning, premium spring water winning the “Best Tasting Non-Carbonated Bottled Water in the World” competition twice, it is no wonder that residents and businesses in North Georgia have made us the premier Georgia bottled water delivery service for the past 34 years – and counting!

Georgia Bottled Water Service

When you enjoy a glass of Highland Mountain Spring Water, you are experiencing the finest spring water on the planet! Our Georgia bottled water comes directly from a series of protected natural springs nestled in the Appalachian Mountains.

Every thirst-quenching ounce of our water undergoes rigorous filtration before undergoing an ozonation process designed to remove any impurities. Then our spring water is bottled under the strict quality control standards issued by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), ensuring only the purist water makes its way from our water delivery trucks to your home!

Part of our commitment to bringing you the finest bottled spring water is ensuring that we are environmentally conscious. With that in mind, each of our bottles is made from polycarbonate material and are re-used and then recycled once their useful life is over. Featuring bottled water sizes in 1 gallon, 3 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes, you can be sure we have a water solution that is right for your home or office needs!

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Are you a true connoisseur of bottled spring water? Want the finest premium water delivered to your door? Our Mountain Valley Spring Water (available exclusively from Highland Mountain Water) is crisp, refreshing, has a naturally high pH, and is full of important minerals that will keep your body hydrated. Shipped in glass bottles and sourced from Hot Springs, Akansas, Mountain Valley Spring Water is a step above the rest.

Want to know more about our premium glass-bottled water delivery service? Check out our page on Mountain Valley Spring Water!

Advantages of Bottled Water Delivery

With a propensity for family members and employees to seek out sugary beverages to quench their thirst (and the negative health affects associated with these types of drinks), having delicious, fresh water on hand is a great way to ensure loved ones and co-workers stay energized and properly hydrated. Sugar crashes and poor hydration lead to lower energy levels and lower productivity in office environments – a bottled water machine can solve this simple problem.

If you have a do-it-yourself system, odds are you are tired of running out to the store, filling the bottle, and lugging it back to your home. On top of that, store-bought water is not the same as our premium water solutions. Add to that our fast and friendly water service and support, and it is easy to see the advantages bottled water delivery brings to the table.

Water Filtration Systems

Lacking space for a bottled water system, but still want a way to have fresh water in your home or office? Highland Mountain Water also offers a line of water filtration systems and water coolers as well. In fact, some people opt to have both bottled water delivery and a bottle-less filtration cooler installed.

To learn more, visit our Water Filtration center.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

When no other water will do, call on our bottled water home delivery service to bring Mountain Valley Spring Water directly to your door. As the exclusive distributor for Mountain Valley Spring Water, we understand there is no substitute for the fresh taste, high PH, and high mineral content of this premium water-shipped in glass bottles from Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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Where do you get your bottled water, GA? If you’re still lugging bottles and jugs to your home or office, maybe it’s time to experience the benefits of having fresh, delicious spring water brought to your door every four weeks with ourbottled water home delivery. You’ll save time and enjoy clean water of the highest quality-all with our fast and courteous support services. Running low on water before your four-week visit? No problem! We will deliver free of charge any time you run out.

Water Coolers

Enjoy cold, filtered water from your very own water cooler in the comfort of your home or office. Our top-of-the-line Alpine