Reasons to Drink Coffee Everyday

If you are like me, you do not need an excuse to drink coffee. Alongside the delicious taste and the inviting aroma, coffee gives me that extra little kick I need to get my brain (and body) going each morning. If you still feel guilty about one of life’s greatest pleasures, however, you’ll want to give this article a great read. Inside I discuss ten reasons everyone should drink coffee every single day.
Coffee Is the Main Source of Antioxidants

Surprisingly – and in contrast to popular belief, fruits and vegetables are not the primary source of our daily dose of antioxidants. In a report by the University of Scranton, researchers found that the majority of citizens in the United States get their biggest dose of antioxidants from their daily cup (or cups as the case may be!) of coffee.

This is good news, since antioxidants are believed to play a key role in many health benefits, such as cancer and heart disease prevention.

Coffee Promotes a Healthy Liver

If you spend a lot of time partying on the weekends or enjoy the occasional glass of wine, you’ll be happy to know that coffee can help with more than just your hangover. According to a recent study, drinking one or more cups of coffee everyday can make you 20 percent less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver.

If you are not an alcohol drinker, you should know that coffee can still benefit your liver. According to research conducted by the Duke Graduate Medical School, imbibing our favorite brew can help slow the progression of a condition known as NAFLD – or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Coffee Is Good for Your Brain

Coffee has many benefits for the brain, the least of which is that it can actually make you smarter. More accurately, the caffeine contained within coffee has a direct affect on the way your brain functions. In addition to the short term effect of making you more alert and energetic, the caffeine in coffee also helps increase neurotransmitters in your brain increase, leading to more neurons firing.

In addition to making you smarter, coffee also serves a role in decreasing your odds of getting Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer