How Free Coffee Benefits Employees and Employers Alike

It is no secret that coffee is much beloved by practically every person on the planet. In America alone, an estimated 85% of us consume our favorite caffeinated beverage. Coffee provides us that extra little jolt in the morning and gets us started off on the right foot. A great cup of joe is also beneficial in the workplace and while some employers may frown at the idea of providing free coffee to their employees, their are many reasons that offering that free cup of hot deliciousness can actually benefit a company in the long run. Want to know how? Of course you do! Keep reading for the low down.

How Free Coffee Benefits Employees

We have spoken extensively in the past about the many benefits of coffee and even shared an article on reasons to drink coffee everyday ( (as if you needed a reason). But how can one benefit from our favorite brew or roast in an office environment? I’m glad you asked, as we will detail how coffee affects employees in the section below.

Coffee Relieves Stress

On of the greatest things about coffee is the smell – waking up to a warm cup of coffee and the aroma of roasting coffee beans is one of life’s true pleasures. It is no surprise that just the smell of freshly brewed coffee actually releases stress in people.

Of course, less stressed employees means happier employees, which, in turn, leads to more productive employees and better office and employee-employer relations.

Coffee Increases Productivity

Being a stimulant, coffee naturally increases neuron firing in the brain, which leads to a number of benefits for brain function, including memory and response time. This pick me up makes it easier for us to remember things, react more quickly to stimuli, and learn faster – all of which leads to an increase in productivity and work output.

Coffee Boosts Employee Morale

Employees love perks and bonuses. As an employer, you do not have to leap through hoops or pay for expensive trips to Las Vegas or wilderness retreats – sure, that would earn you some serious brownie points – but even a little can go a long way to show your appreciation of your hard working staff.

Don’t believe it? Try to bring in a box of donuts at the end of the week, or let your employees leave an hour early. Small steps like these – and free coffee – make most employees feel rewarded and more motivated to perform better – even if they are not fully aware.

Coffee Has Many Health Benefits

As outlined in our article “Reasons to Drink Coffee Everyday” (, coffee has many great health benefits, including lowering the risk of diabetes, reducing the likelihood of depression, and helping to prevent certain liver diseases.

Giving Free Coffee Makes You a Nice Guy

Finally, giving free coffee to your employees makes you an all around great guy. It shows you care about the happiness, health, and well-being of those around you and your dedicated staff. Not to mention, if you have free coffee in your office, you get to have free coffee everyday yourself. And really, is there any reason better than that?

If you want to know how you can give the gift of delicious coffee to your office staff, contact Highland Mountain Water – we would love to discuss some options with you!