Coffee Tips

In this blog post we are going to look at some great tips to enhance your coffee drinking experience. I know what you are thinking: how can drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee possibly get any better? Only one way to find out!

Coffee Tips

It is hard to imagine coffee tasting any better than it already does. In fact, when most of us find that perfect brew, it is hard to break away from our routine and try something new. But this sort of behavior can make us miss out on some truly great experiences. Imagine if you had never tried that first cup of coffee!

One of the great things about coffee is the ability to experiment with different roasts and brews, finding flavors and strengths that you really enjoy. Coffee from varying regions tastes different as well and can broaden your expertise.

This article, however, goes beyond the normal coffee brewing tips you are probably used to, as we branch out beyond just trying different roasts and regions and look at tips for the coffee drinking experience itself.

Always Use Quality Water

The type of water you use to brew your coffee – believe it or not – has a huge effect on your coffee’s taste. Quality water is key to a great brew; ordinary tap water will lend its taste to the end product, meaning you may have trace elements, such as chlorine or fluoride, in your cup.

Additionally, consider using mineral or bottled spring water when making your coffee. The naturally occurring minerals in this type of H20 lends itself greatly to coffee