Water Delivery and Coffee Service Customer Testimonials

At Highland Mountain, we not only pride ourselves on delivering bottled water and coffee, but excellent customer service and expert beverage consultations as well. Below you can find just a few of the many testimonials we have received from residents and office managers who have enjoyed our natural spring water and premium coffees.

We are proud to service our community and believe our work – and our products – speak for themselves. It is also nice to receive feedback from our friends and neighbors, and we are proud to share our customer’s opinions below!

Want to try our bottled water delivery or coffee service for yourself?

Customer Testimonials

We like having flexible product options, and Highland offers great choices with outstanding service. We rarely call for anything because they anticipate our needs, but if we happen to want anything, they take care of us promptly in the friendliest manner.

To whom it may concern:
When I was asked the major reason we buy from Highland Mountain Beverage the first thought I had was that no matter when or why we call someone always comes. There is never any problem with the service and the man delivering is always so nice.

We have been your customer for years and we would never consider changing companies. The one thing I can say is the service is always done by a friendly, professional and is done right, I highly recommend them to anyone who may be in the market for coffee, water or filtration services.

Thank you for all the years of wonderful service and we look forward to many more!
Courtney Stabler

I have been a very satisfied customer of Highland Mountain Water and Coffee for 18 years. My staff likes having a water cooler in the office for convenience and it’s a nice perk to offer them for their dedicated service. We are very well taken care of by Lane, Shane, Christi and the other fine staff at Highland Mountain Water and Coffee. We are stocked appropriately and never need to call for service. The pricing makes buying water any other way ridiculous. Give them a try. They’re the best!
-Rick Jackson
State Farm Insurance, Oakwood, GA

You have spoiled me! My shakes don’t taste as good unless they are made with filtered water. There is a difference. In addition, I would rather your equipment do the filtering, as opposed to my body doing the filtering.
Scott Steidel

I enjoy their outstanding coffee and water everyday and I consistently get compliments on their coffee. You should definitely give them a try.
Jeffery Smith