5 Strange Uses for Coffee

We all love coffee and I don’t need to tell you what a pleasure it is to drink the world’s most beloved caffeinated beverage. But did you know that coffee can be used for much more than drinking? I know, I know – why would you want to use those coffee beans and coffee grounds for anything other than a freshly brewed cup? Nonetheless, here are five uses for coffee you may not have thought of!

5 Uses for Coffee

Coffee truly is a miraculous thing. I could wax poetic for days about its great flavors and aroma, about its many health benefits, and importance in social gatherings. But one subject I don’t get to discuss nearly enough is coffee’s wide array of uses – both inside and outside of the home. While there are many different uses, in this blog post I am going to highlight five surprising things you can do with coffee – other than drink it!

Coffee is Great for Cooking

The first entry on our list should come as no surprise – coffee is such a flavorful beverage it only makes sense that adding it to food would be a win-win situation. Excellent as a meat rub (think coffee-rubbed brisket) and great in desserts as well, ground coffee should be a staple in every chef’s culinary cabinet.

Coffee Makes Your Breath Smell Better

Using coffee beans as a breath freshener is pretty ingenious. Wouldn’t you rather skip sugary, messy gum and just pop a delicious coffee bean – or two – in your mouth? Not only does it keep you breath smelling nice, it gives you a little pep in your step as well!

Coffee As Art

Coffee can be used in several art forms, including painting, staining wood-based statues and sculptures, and even as dried-bean art. It also makes a great filler for glass art and flower vases – simple replace colored pebbles or stones with dried out coffee beans for a beautiful, elegant look.

Coffee in Crafts

Coffee beans have a great number of uses in the crafting and maker world, outside of staining and painting. Even coffee filters are widely used to make everything from baby and wedding announcements to decorative ornaments.

Coffee beans, meanwhile, can be used to decorate candles, create necklaces, and act as stuffer or filling for pin cushions or stuffed animals.

Coffee in the Garden

If you have a garden and it is being plagued by the neighborhood wildlife – outdoor cats, off-leash dogs, and so forth – consider sprinkling ground coffee around your garden. The strong odor is difficult for sensitive noses to tolerate and will help keep any animal with a heightened sense of smell out of your garden area.

Coffee has many other benefits in the garden as well, acting as an insect repellant, fertilizer additive, and even in composting.


The above list is just a few of the many ways you can use coffee around the home and in your everyday life. Of course, nothing is better than using coffee for its intended purpose – drinking! So go brew yourself a hot cup of joe and enjoy!