Highland Mountain Water is delighted to bring fresh brewed coffee to the residents of North Georgia, courtesy of the single-cup brewer, Tassimo and their delicious line of coffee T-Discs.

Sleek and easy to use, Tassimo coffee brewer is the perfect addition to your home or office. Its compact design is great for countertops in the kitchen or break-rooms. Don’t let its size fool you however – Tassimo coffee packs a potent punch that is robust and full of flavor. Thanks to its patented Intellibrew ™ smart barcode technology (unique to the Tassimo coffee brewer), every cup of coffee made by Tassimo is perfectly brewed. The tiny barcode on each T-disc is custom encoded with instructions that guarantee a perfect brewing environment, with instructions for water temperature, water volume, pressure, flow rate, and infusion time.

Inside every T-disc is a precisely measured amount of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate – all depending upon what type of drink you plan on enjoying. In addition, Tassimo let’s you brew other caffeinated beverages as well, including espresso, cappuccinos, and even lattes.

If all that weren’t enough, the Tassimo is so simple to use and clean, it can turn every family member or co-worker into a veritable barista. Simply insert the T-cup, press a button, and watch the magic happen! You will have a fresh brewed cup of coffee in your hands in less than two minutes.

Here at Highland Mountain Water, we know the importance of good coffee – the perfect cup can lead to the perfect day! Tassimo takes the guess work out of the coffee brewing experience and makes each cup exactly the way you want it – each and every time.

Tassimo coffee and beverage T-discs come in a variety of flavors, including:

In addition to coffee T-discs, Tassimo offers a line of milk creamers as well, letting you brew your own blends of cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos:

Other beverage options include hot chocolate and Twinning teas (Earl Grey, Green Tea, Chai Tea Latte, and English Breakfast Tea).

To learn more about our Tassimo Coffee Brewers for your home or office, Contact Us or call 770-535-0002 or toll free 1-800-870-5577.

To see a large selection of coffees offered by Tassimo click here

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